Welcome to Bible to All Sweden!

THE BIBLE TO ALL PROJECT is a platform that welcomes Christians to come together for one common goal: to offer a Bible to every home. The first campaign will be in the municipality of Vilhelmina in Northern Sweden, May 29 - 2 June 2019. The municipality has around 3000 homes, spread over a large geographical area.

DURING THE DISTRIBUTION everyone that is a part will be divided into pairs that will be handed addresses and maps together with instructions about where and how to distribute. Then the pairs will leave and knock on doors, offering a free Bible to every home. In addition to a Bible, we will offer some extra material. If someone is not home we leave a note with information about how to attain a Bible. Our idea is that the offer should be given in a personal way. It´s a gift that you can choose to receive or not.

2 ways of being involved

Support the project financially and in prayer

THE PROJECT WILL have costs around 365,000 Swedish Krona, SEK (around 40,000 USD). As of February 2019 around 140,000 SEK needs to be coming in. 
If you want to donate towards the Bible distribution you have some options for how:

Be a part of giving out Bibles

THIS WILL BE a once in a lifetime experience!
If you are interested in coming to help with distribution, please contact us at bta@ywam.se

You can sign up here: Sign up.

In the sign up form there's information about food, housing and travel.

Put "Bible to All" as message.

Timeframe - 2018 & 2019

 - 2019 -

FEB-APRIL: Sign up participants

APRIL: Bibles arrive in Vilhelmina

MAY: Distribution to 3500 homes!

 - 2018 -

MAY: Official launch

SEPTEMBER: Bibles to print

NOVEMBER: prayer, inspiration and fund raising at YWAM Swedens National Gathering


Bibeln till alla är ett samarbete mellan:

YWAM Sweden, Lugna gatan 1​, 784 67 Borlänge.

E-POST - bta@ywam.se - SWISH 123 221 89 23